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"This letter is to commend Ann Romer for her work in selling my home in McLean in April of this year (settlement in June). Ann is the consummate professional. Both my partner (who had sold his house in Potomac last year) and I agreed I could not have done better in choice of a Realtor. Ann was always prompt, well-prepared, efficient, and imaginative in her descriptions in use of the space to potential buyers; she also created an attention-getting ad. Ann is a person with great integrity and is very fair. I trusted her judgment completely; she was never pushy but offered excellent advice when I asked for it and was always available within a reasonable time period to discuss issues. She went out of her way to help with details between signing the contract and settlement time. Ann's daughter, Robyn, was a delight to work with as well and I'm sure will follow in her mother's footsteps, though it would take anyone quite a lot to "fill her shoes."

--Dori Robbins

"It is my privilege to sing the praises of a Realtor working in your office. Her name is Ann Romer. She provided me outstanding professional service during an extremely difficult time in my life. I am well acquainted with the nature and demands of the real estate business, as both my grandfather and my father owned real estate firms. In addition, I worked as a Realtor in my father's office. Ann excels at her profession in many ways: she is extremely intelligent, ethical, diligent, indefatigable and humane. Two years ago, my mother died suddenly and I had to sell 16 of her properties in only nine months in order to pay her estate taxes. Not only did Ann assist me in selling all of the required houses in record time, but she personally took over as "general contractor" on three homes that were in miserable shape. Two of these houses required a complete overhaul due to years of neglect and one home had been severely fire damaged. As most of these homes were investment properties, Ann handled tenants' relocation needs with skill and sensitivity. We also confronted a confusing title issue. My attorney determined we would have to go to court to resolve this issue, which would be a protracted and expensive process. Due to Ann's ingenuity and experience, she found a way to avoid court action and I was able to sell the properties quickly and without additional expense. During this extraordinarily difficult ordeal, Ann's service to me was above and beyond my wildest imaginings. I simply could not have accomplished what I needed to do without her. I will always be grateful to Ann Romer and enthusiastically recommend her to anyone desiring superlative service."

--Karen McCall

"Dear Ann, I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your help! You have been so generous with your time and energy. I never expected you to pick out paint and tile with me, but I really appreciate all your help! I don't know how I would have done it without you. I am so excited to move in, it looks like a completely new place. Thank you again for all your help!"

--Megan Scott

"Dear Ann, Thanks so much for everything. We are so thrilled with the new house and with the spectacular sale of the condo! We couldn't have managed half as well without your solid advice, patience, talent and good humor. Thanks so much again."

--Anna & Bob McDonald

"Ann, Thank you so much for helping us first buy a wonderful home. Your guidance enabled us to have a wonderful place to start and raise my family, and for that I am very grateful. I would also like to thank you for helping us sell our home. Again your guidance and expertise made this very difficult transition much easier. Thank you very much."

Karen Harwood

"Dear Ann, Thank you, thank you, thank you! We so appreciate all you have done for us. Finding and buying a home with you as our champion was a memorable experience. We are moved in and currently working on a few projects, and can't wait for you to stop by. It was so nice that we became friends over the past several months. One of my luckiest days was when I saw your picture on a real estate mailing and instantly knew what a terrific person you are. Again, many, many thanks for all your hard work, support and friendship."

Jenny, Jamie & Jill Rogan

"Dear Ann & Robyn, Thank you so much for selling the Surrette's home on Rosemoor to Mr. Harris, your lovely buyer. It was a very smooth transaction - as it always is doing business with you. Let's do an "encore" soon! Best wishes for a wonderful year."

--Doris, real estate agent

Ann Romer
Ann Romer
1313 Dolley Madison Blvd. McLean VA 22101